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What is FutureCoin? The FTC project club has became popular with crowdfunding companies and private members via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) within the last 2 months. FTC is an Ethereum based blockchain smart contract and governed ecosystem that applies blockchain technology by using the value of business schemes and investment ideas. We are a united and strong community that aims to grow together and create a powerful economy. We are building not only a strong community but also working on various development projects to benefit from collective investment and grow profit in gross. We have already started our own manufacturing of natural marble and granite tiles from mountains in Pakistan and planning to start our own airline ticketing agency with Holiday packages including hotel reservation and car rental.FTC will replace the current banking transactions by using our new prepaid card which is soon to be launched before the end of this year. Why FTC? FTC is faster, smarter and cheaper than Bitcoin as it has it's own Ethereum blockchain, therefore being able to help those who have or are suffering from the delay and loss of transactions. FTC is predicted to become one of the highest cryptocurrency and will benefit a lot of people worldwide.


Road Map of FTC

How an idea is being turned into live picture.



Future Coin Club

2018 Oct 12 11:36:15
FTC is a ethereum based blockchain smart contract and governed ecosystem that applies blockchain technology by using the value of business schemes and ideas.
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How to Join Futurecoin Club?

2018 Aug 08 07:39:51
You will be guided step by step by watiching this video
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Great news from Future coin club

2018 May 15 07:01:12
• Introduction ( FUTURECOIN PROJECTS ) Imagine a technology that could preserve our freedom to choose for ourselves and our families, to express these choices in the world, and to control our own destiny, no matter where we lived or were born. What new tools and new jobs could we create with those capabilities? What new business and services? How should we think about the opportunities? The answers were right in front of us, compliments of Satoshi Nakamoto.” From Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World. Since the introduction of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Blockchain has allowed not only cryptocurrencies to flourish but has allowed traditional sectors such as financial institutions to utilize this technology. A sharp rise in price and usage of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, NEM, Litecoin, Dash, Monero — has shown the world that the global financial system is ready for a change. The change that will take the industry to a whole new level where transparency, data integrity, and decentralisation will become the main pillars of its growth.
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With the ECO Sharing program the FTC community will be part one of the Largest Granite natural mountains Tiles projects of the world. On 3 continents of the Earth (Pakistan - Afghanistan India) starts the giant project in which FTC will take part. This Project has already been started.



Prepaid Card

Future coin Prepaid Card

So as to simplify payments in fiat currencies, the end users of Future coin club will have the opportunity to ask for a Futurecoin Pre paid Debit Card. Through the Debit Card users of Future coin club will be able to load and converts their coins into fiat money instantly in real time. The Card will be limited only on the balance of the FTC coins on the members account. This Debit Card will allow users to make payments in any card payment points worldwide as well as ATM’s. The Future coins will convert at a spot rate upon payment into fiat. Also, portability/divisibility users can exchange the amount they need to pay. This will ensure that there is no need to sell large metal sizes for smaller payments.Special discount for future coin club users.The discount will be calculated through their networking Positions.


Our goal is to use FTC to connect, coordinate, and support startups showing great potential. Under the FTC aegis, project participants receive varying shares of sharing economy and crowdfunding company successes. Our goal is to use FTC to connect, coordinate, and support startups showing great potential. Under the FTC aegis, project participants receive varying shares of sharing economy and crowdfunding company successes.

Eco Share

Crypto ATM


Purchase FTC or sell other digital currencies through ATMs. Soon, a startup operating a cryptocurrency ATM network will join us, providing project participants with varying shares. It is closer than you'd think...and soon we will announce ATM Projects for Pakistan,India,Nepal,Bangladesh,and all Other neighbour Countries .


Future COIN Team also aiming to start our own travel packages for tourist around the world. We are looking Forward to provide our members with very cheap prices Holidays Packages Including air ticket airport pick and drop hotels stay and foods sight seen etc.


What Do I Do?

How to view new token in your wallet?

  1. Go to MyEtherWallet and open your wallet. Scroll down and on right-side, you will see "Token Balances" box.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click Watch Token.
  3. Enter Token Address, Token Name, Token Symbol, and Decimals.
  4. Click on "Save"... And you are done!
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  1. Open Ethereum Wallet and click on the "Contracts" tab.
  2. Click on "Add Custom Token".
  3. Enter Token Address, Token Symbol, and Decimals.
  4. Click "Ok" and your token will be added... And you are done!
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  1. Navigate to Applications in your wallet and find the Token Registry. (If it's not displayed by default, use the Edit button on top to toggle visibility of displayed DApps.)
  2. To register a new token with the Token Registry, we need the token address, decide on a 3-letter acronym (TLA), a token name, and specify the number of decimals.
  3. Once done, this will execute the register function of the Token Registry smart contract adding our token to Parity.
  4. Once deployed, the token is displayed in the registry among other registered tokens... And you are done!
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  1. First you need to make sure that your firmware is updated to 1.2.
  2. To manage your tokens, go to MyEtherWallet and select the "Send Tokens" tab. Plug your Nano S, select the Ethereum app and go to the settings of the app to activate "Browser support" and "Contract data". This will enable the direct connection to the browser and MyEtherWallet will be able to detect your device (note that if you wish to use the Ledger Ethereum Chrome application, you'll have to disable browser support).
  3. Select the base address you wish to manage.
  4. You can now receive and send tokens from your Ledger Wallet.
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Founder & CEO

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Hayk Abrahamyan
CEO & ICO consultant
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Zash G khan
Default User
Andrew Voytenko

Technical Team

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Nazima Bano
Default User
Elena Yuzkova
International projects Supervisor
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Tatevik Aghumyan
Ui Designer


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James Holzkrichen
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Martina Poulinne
Default User
Stella Damasus

Partners/ Master Distributors

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Parwaig Kumar
Master Distributor
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M. Irfan Choudary
Master Distributor
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Haider Ali


The community is important for a project, because it is the place where different opinions and ideas meet.


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